Schokofest 2017

Schokofest 2017

Sweet dreams are made of these.

At some point in life, I’m sure we’ve all had a fantasy about never ending chocolate, rich delicacies, and fabulous treats. I mean, it’s pretty much a dream come true to dive head first into a place that doesn’t fail to deliver every sweet thing under the sun. So, when we first arrived in Austria and saw the banner advertising Schokofest (the biggest chocolate festival in Steirmark), we immediately started counting down the days. Considering we both have the most intense sweet tooth ever, you could say we got some butterflies. It even got to the point where we strategically calculated how much we needed to eat for breakfast to make room for chocolate. Does this sound extreme? Possibly. But when it comes to food, we don’t mess around, and chocolate is definitely high on our priority list.

Can’t get enough of Schokofest? Check out our video here!

Ready for Schokofest!

When attending Schokofest, there are few things you need to know:

1. Buy a spoon. For 2 euros, you get a cute spoon that allows you to sample any chocolate from any vendor. It’s a must have accessory! Plus, they make for great decor after the festival is over.

Schokofest spoons

2. Stay hydrated. With so much chocolate available, make sure you drink lots of fluids! Not only will this keep you hydrated, but it also helps cleanse your palette of previous chocolate flavors so you can properly enjoy every bite. In our case, lattes did the trick, but we also brought a few bottles of water (for obvious reasons).

3. Bring cash. Since you will be tasting a bunch of chocolate, there will be quite a few that win your heart. So, don’t miss out–bring enough cash to replenish your weekly chocolate stash!

Downtown Leoben

Schokofest was in downtown Leoben, and went on for 6 hours. The photo above was taken two hours into the festival, and as you can tell, it was already packed!

You may be asking, how do you get all this free chocolate if you have to buy a spoon? Here’s how it works: once you have your magic spoon, you stand in different lines waiting to sample different vendors’ chocolate assortments. You can have as little (or as much) as you like; keep in mind you can always go back and get a second helping. You can stay for 30 minutes or gorge for 6 hours–there’s no judgement at Schokofest!

We decided the best strategy was to pace ourselves and make the most out of each vendor. Once we started, it was hard to restrain from buying everything we tasted; however, we definitely fell in love with a blutorange at the second vendor, and just had to snag a bar to have at home.

This chocolate is incredible!

Our resolve also weakened at the lebkucken (gingerbread) stand. Lebkuchen is a traditional German/Austrian dessert usually found around Christmas-time, but there are no rules at Schokofest, and Christmas came early this year! This is one of our favorite things to eat, so we totally indulged at this stand.

Overall, we tried almost every kind of chocolate treat there was at Schokofest, and we can’t recommend this festival enough. It was everything we could have wanted it to be, and we can’t wait to celebrate next year!

The aftermath. We can’t wait to buy more as the fall goes on!


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