Travel to Bratislava with Me: Vlog Style

Travel to Bratislava with Me: Vlog Style

Welcome back! It’s been a crazy month over on my end. For those who don’t know, Austria denied our residence visa (for no other reason than because they could) so we were forced to retreat and go for plan B…which happened to be Krakow, Poland. However, while we were waiting on the Austrian government to make their decision, Andy and I spent three weeks on a “workcation” between Budapest and Bratislava. If you want to see the first half of our trip, you can read the full blog here or, if videos are more your style, you can follow along virtually with this short vlog.

While we were in Bratislava, I didn’t get many pictures because most of the time was spent working (because three weeks in hotels is expensive). And, let’s get real…there wasn’t as much to do or see in Bratislava so our foot traffic was definitely limited. However, I did make another vlog during our time in Slovakia, so if you want to see what we were up to, you can watch it here. I also include an emotional, real-life visa update at the end that you don’t want to miss!

Stay tuned for lots of blogs (and vlogs) documenting our moving experience, life in Krakow, and more!

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