Europe Adventure Part 2: Moving to Krakow, Poland

Europe Adventure Part 2: Moving to Krakow, Poland

Can you believe that Andy and I have been in Europe for almost a year? It’s insane! I didn’t realize how long we have been here until I looked at the calendar and realized it’s the 4th of July. A year ago, we were in LA shipping off our car, meeting with immigration, and wondering what our life would look like in 365 days. Little did I know that I would be living in a totally different country (that’s NOT Austria) and trying to learn a second language (that’s NOT German). Am I mad about any of it? Not at all! I signed up for an adventure when we stepped on that plane 10 months ago, and an adventure is definitely what I’m getting. Granted, it’s not how we envisioned things turning out, but we are making the most of it in Krakow and are actually really loving it!

We arrived in Krakow on June 16 and immediately contacted a realtor. Lucky for us, she had a few apartments readily available for rent, so we made an appointment and the rest is history. Within three days, we had apartment keys in hand, and after 3 1/2 weeks of hotel living, we finally had a home again! However, since we sold everything in America and only brought 4 suitcases, we had to furnish the majority of our apartment…including the kitchen, which was a major task. Since this place came partially furnished, we were able to skip the main furniture and focus more on the decor aspect, so I plan on documenting the entire process so you can see what I end up with! But, if you want to see a little sneak peak of what our place looks like, you can check out my latest vlog here. I also take you along for our entire moving week so you can see what we were up to!

Since we’ve been here, we haven’t had much chance to do any sightseeing. Moving into a new place while still working full time doesn’t leave much room for anything else, but now that we are starting to get settled, we have a few things in mind. I really want to do a winery tour/wine tasting at a local vineyard, Andy wants to go to Auschwitz, and we both want to explore a lot of the old town. Good thing summer is just getting started because our to-do list is long!

Have you been to Poland? If so, what are some things we should do? If you haven’t been, feel free to come visit! Our guest bedroom is in need of an occupant…

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