We were on HGTV! House Hunters International Sneak Peak

We were on HGTV! House Hunters International Sneak Peak

I have been super MIA on this blog for the past few months, but we have been working hard behind the scenes on a really cool project. In June, we were contacted by a head hunter for HGTV’s popular series, House Hunters International, and we spent a lot of time filling out applications, making interview videos, and providing additional information. Since this show is so selective and competitive, we weren’t sure if we were going to be accepted, but we found out in late July that the producers wanted to work with us! We decided to keep this whole thing a secret since we thought it would be a lot of fun to announce filming whenever they were actually shooting us. So, now that the secret is out, I decided to make a small vlog documenting the whole experience while filming House Hunters International. We can’t show a lot of “behind the scenes”, but I hope you enjoy this small little sneak peak into what we have been up to! Watch the full video here, or scroll down to see some action shots.

Lover <3
It was so cold this day!
So many cameras!
Our producer was giving us instructions on how they wanted to film this scene. They gave us traditional Polish food that consisted of pickled herring, gelatinized pork, and a meat paste! No thanks…
Part of the film crew
For our interview portion, they had us sitting on wet grass in 50 degree weather for over 3 hours. The things you do to get a shot…
Since it was so cold and windy, I would wear a blanket in-between takes.

What the camera sees. The red areas in the lens are where the camera focuses the most.
We’re famous! Some Polish lady asked for our autograph.
More cameras…
Not going to spoil this scene, so any guesses what we are doing?!
Love the horse and carriage rides they have in downtown Krakow!
Getting our run on!
Exit interviews



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