A Tour of Poland Part 2: Gdańsk, Sopot, and the Baltic Sea

A Tour of Poland Part 2: Gdańsk, Sopot, and the Baltic Sea

I have always loved the ocean. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington, to be exact), so I’m very familiar with rainy weather, foggy days, and the smell of sea salt. Honestly, I feel most at home when I experience any of these things, but when you combine them, my heart overflows with happiness. Since I love the ocean so much, it’s safe to say that my parents love it too, so when we were planning out our vacation, I knew that the Baltic Sea in Poland was a must-do while they were here.

The Baltic Sea is at the upmost northern part of Poland, which means it’s around a 5 hour drive from Krakow. You can either fly or take the train, but I find driving to be much more enjoyable and it also allows for easy access to the tri-city area of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. Plus, the area is just so pretty that it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to see it first hand!

OK, I’ve rambled on long enough. Without further adieu, I bring you my tour of Poland featuring Gdańsk, Sopot, and the Baltic Sea!


In true ocean-style fashion, we arrived to a torrential downpour of rain! However, we came prepared for nasty weather and combated the chills with rain jackets, heavy duty umbrellas, and a a good attitude. Even in a rainstorm, the beauty of Gdańsk can’t be smothered!

Gdańsk is a quaint little ocean town, and has been around for centuries. There is easy access to Sweden from here, so you will see a lot of Scandinavian people walking around! Plus, the architecture looks nordic so it literally feels like you just stepped back in time to a different era. Every building in the square is a little different, so there is always something more to see!

I love that the ocean flows through the town, and that there is so much to explore. Between museums, shops, and restaurants, you could easily spend a few days here! Due to time constraints, we only stayed two nights, but we could have easily doubled our time here. And, if you’re looking for an insider tip, stay in Gdańsk, and then drive to Sopot to see the beach. Sopot is really expensive, so you get more value for your money if you stay in Gdańsk.



By some stroke of luck, the weather turned and our beach day turned out to be 75 and sunny! If you have spent any time around the coast, then you know how fortunate we were. Sunny days can be few and far between (especially in May), so for it to be this beautiful just made my heart soar. It’s really no fun to spend a day on the beach in rain gear, so this turn of events made it feel like summer is on its way.

Sopot is one of the towns where you can gain access to the Baltic Sea. However, there isn’t much to see or do in Sopot other than hang out at the beach (which is never a bad idea)! We are actually coming back here for the 4th of July with our travel buddies, which will be so much fun.

What’s really surprising about Sopot’s beaches is how soft they are. As you can see, the sand is reminiscent of the Caribbean, which makes for the perfect shoes-off type of situation. You can also go out onto the boardwalk (top right) and get better views of the Baltic Sea. You have to pay a small fee, but it’s definitely worth it!

Honestly, what’s better than chilling on the beach looking at the water? It was the perfect way to spend the day….sunburn and all.

Have you ever been to the Baltic Sea? If not, it should definitely go on your bucket list!

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