Current Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites

Current Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites

When it comes to beauty and lifestyle, I find myself trying out a bunch of new products to see if I can find the best on the market. However, there are just some products that I keep going back to time and time again, so I thought I would share my current beauty and lifestyle favorites with you! Whether you’re in the market for some new skincare, home decor, or scents, I’ve got you covered.

Current Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites

SkincareI’m such a strong believer in a great skincare routine, so I’ve always invested money into my products to make sure I’m getting the best for my skin. And since it’s summer, I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, so it’s even more important that my skin looks (and feels) amazing. Enter Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum and Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum; these two bad boys are seriously a match made in heaven! They are the BEST products I have EVER used on my skin, and I’m never going back. I ran out of them about 6 months ago and nothing else can compare, which is why I had my mom bring it over when she came to visit last month. If you haven’t tried this line out, stop what you’re doing and pick it up ASAP. You won’t regret it!

Body products. If you’re looking for the PERFECT summer scent, this is it! This scent is EVERYTHING and more that I have it in both the body wash and lotion forms. The body wash leaves your skin smelling incredible all day, while the lotion adds a slight shimmer to your body and seals in the scent all day. I’m so obsessed!

Perfume. I feel that summer is the perfect time to express yourself through scents, so I always love finding a perfume that matches the season. If it has a floral undertone, I’m sold! This year, I discovered and (am loving) Bulgari’s Pink Sapphire! I’m also quite partial to Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and Issay Miyaki.

Candles. Just like with perfume, I’m a serious candle horder. After many years of collecting them, I can honestly say that Bath and Body Works has the best ones on the market. They are so fragrant, last forever, and burn the best. I love their summer scents right now, so head over to your local store and pick up your favorites!

Moroccan pouf. I’ve been in my apartment for an entire year, and I still have yet to fully decorate my office space. However, I did score this gorgeous ottoman that I’m totally loving! Shipping to Poland is kind of a nightmare, so it was a process to get this to my apartment, but once I received it I couldn’t believe how perfect it was. It adds a bit of bohemian glam to my space, and I just love it. If you’re looking for an affordable home decor item, I can’t recommend this enough!

Running Shoes. If you don’t know, I love to run! While I’m not a professional, I enjoy getting out a few times a week and clocking a decent number of miles. Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s so important to splurge on a good pair of running shoes, because they will save your feet and joints from excessive pain. Everyone is different, but my all-time favorite pair to run in are Brooks Glyercin. I just picked up a new pair last weekend and they feel like a dream!

What are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments!

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