A Weekend in Warsaw, Poland

A Weekend in Warsaw, Poland

During the time I’ve lived in Poland, I’ve been to Warsaw multiple times for business meetings. However, I haven’t been a tourist until recently, when I spent a weekend walking all around Poland’s capital city. This thriving metropolis is teeming with nightlife, culture, and history, and I really enjoyed my stay. If you are planning on traveling to Eastern Europe, make a stop in Warsaw, because you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Since there are almost 2 million people living in Warsaw, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what to see in such a large city. So, I’m sharing a few must see places that you have to put on your list! From palaces to sight-seeing tours, I’ve got it all. Continue reading to find out what you can do for a weekend in Warsaw, Poland.

A Weekend in Warsaw, Poland


Old town. As with any European city, I always recommend to find the old town and explore for a bit. Warsaw’s old town is actually quite unique, considering that it was all rebuilt after being leveled in WWII. Everything you see in the square is only 50 years old, but it’s made to look identical to the original structures.



We took a tour of the old town while visiting, and I would highly recommend doing so! It’s really fascinating and you will learn a lot. You can also tour the royal palace (top right), but we ran out of time during our trip. It’s on my list for next time!



Palace of Culture and Science. This is a notable high rise in central Warsaw, and you can see it from many different places in the city. If you have time, you can tour the inside and even explore the museums. Fun fact: there are over 70 stories, and every year people compete for the fastest time by scaling the steps. Insane!

We learned a lot about this building on our communism tour, which is another must-do when you’re here! It’s so informative and really gives you an insight into this perilous time in Poland’s history.



Lazienki Palace. I can’t recommend this destination spot enough! This palace sits in the middle of a lake, and is surrounded by insanely beautiful gardens. We walked through the gardens to get to the palace, and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures!

Once you arrive to the palace, it’s photo heaven! Between the greenery and palatial glory, you will be obsessed. You could spend hours walking in the gardens and soaking up the peaceful beauty of this place.

Of course, you can tour the palace for a small fee. We definitely took advantage of that, and quite enjoyed our time. This palace isn’t large, but it took us about an hour to get through the whole thing. I would recommend this if you’re into touring palaces; otherwise, just take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

If you just did these three things (plus the two walking tours), I think you would be really happy with your time in Warsaw! There is a lot of walking involved, so if you’re not into that kind of thing, you could take the tram or an Uber and get around just fine.

Have you been to Warsaw? What would you love to see in Poland’s capital city?

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