5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Your Vacation

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Your Vacation

Summer is finally here! I hope you have time this season to explore a destination that fuels your soul and provides plenty of rest, relaxation, and adventure. While these getaways often make the top 10 in your yearly highlight reel, it can also spell a recipe for disaster when it comes to healthy eating (I see you airport food and convenience stores). Surviving a holiday with your health goals intact can certainly be a concern, so I’m sharing my top 5 ways to stay healthy during your vacation. Read on to see how you can stay healthy and happy while traveling this summer!

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Your Vacation

1. Eat the rainbow. For optimal health benefits, try to include fruits and vegetables at every meal. Whether it’s a green smoothie at breakfast, a side salad with lunch, or grilled fruit for dessert, you will see so many benefits by eating fresh produce on vacation. It will keep you stay fuller longer (thanks fiber), and it will help keep your calories in check so you can have more mojitos. Win-win, if you ask me!

2. Accidental exercise. I know that it can be so convenient to take public transport while vacationing, but this time around, try walking. It will get you moving, allow you to see different scenery, and will help you feel more active. Just for reference, one mile burns around 100 calories, so if you walk all day, those numbers can really add up! For a frame of reference, my husband and I usually walk a minimum of 10 miles a day when on vacation, so I definitely feel like I earned that beer (or three). This is a great way to stay healthy while traveling, so I definitely recommend it.

3. Choose wisely. While I’m all about eating well on vacation, I also know that I want to be conscious of how much I’m consuming throughout the day. So, instead of eating everything in sight, I would recommend to “save your calories” for something you really want (think gelato, pizza, cocktails…) instead of grabbing something just because it’s convenient. This will help you figure out what you are actually craving, and you will feel more satisfied in the end.

4. Maximize amenities. I always recommend choosing a hotel with free breakfast, simply because I would rather save money for other activities. If it’s already included, then take full advantage! While I know that it’s not always the same in America, the European hotels have a great spread of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains thanks to their incredible buffets. Having a bit of a larger breakfast also prevents me from over-eating throughout the day, and I feel more satiated thanks to the nutritional density of fiber and protein.

5. Come prepared. While it can be tempting to eat all the things on vacation, I find it’s best on your waistline (and appetite) to bring a few snacks with you. Nuts, protein bars, and dried mangoes are some of my favorite things to pack with me while I’m out and about all day. Since I usually don’t want to stop for lunch while exploring, I’ve found that this is the perfect solution. Having snacks will not only help stave off hunger, but it will also help you from getting hangry during your vacation. Plus, you may find that having little munchies with you will save money and cut the calories!

What are some ways you like to stay healthy on vacation? Let me know!

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