Her eyes sparkle because she sees magic everywhere.

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I have a passion for travel, fashion, and nutrition. I love all things girly, but I also can’t turn down a sweaty gym session or an outdoor run. In addition to cuddling with my cat and reading a good book, you can find me drinking coffee at a local cafe or scouring the web for online shopping deals.

A few years ago, I moved from America to Poland, which has been quite the adventure.¬†Living abroad has fueled my wanderlust, and I love traveling to new and exciting places. So far, I’ve visited 10 new countries, and I have no plans on stopping. I document as much as I can on my¬†blog, since I love to show what my life is like as an expat. Things aren’t as easy as they seem, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Join me as I travel and share my expat life with you!

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